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My tribute to the OVA episodes of Wakfu.

Art belongs to me
Wakfu and all characters shown belong to Ankama
Full view:

Noticed I forgot a few small things, whoops. Fixed and reuploaded it here and on DA.



My tribute to the OVA episodes of Wakfu.

Art belongs to me
Wakfu and all characters shown belong to Ankama
Full view:

See? This is why I thought that maybe Eva’s kids could be you fooling us!

*bows deeply*

rocketwonderland replied to your photo:My tribute to the OVA episodes of Wakfu. Art…

This is wonderful!! you’re awesome!

My hand disagrees xD
Thank you <3

My tribute to the OVA episodes of Wakfu.

Art belongs to me
Wakfu and all characters shown belong to Ankama
Full view:

Wakfu and Dofus Recommendation List



A list of Wakfu and Dofus Tumblr blogs and websites containing information, updates, lore, memes, art, fan fiction and other shenanigans.


izmarvelous - Dofus community manager

brotherhoodoftofuv2 - source for translated comics and subbed episodes

kreatofus - Krozmotion’s tumblr (French) for anything Krozmos related

sebaanacho - translator for the Spanish speaking community

doc-acher - lore enthusiast and translator

nelsonmagno - lore enthusiast

prosecutorcaligari- lore enthusiast

morgiecorgi -  fan subtitler

theregularworldof12 - fan subtitler

snarkposts - Dofus MMO tutorials

fen825 - fan artist

silveyn - fan artist

flowerimh - fan artist

stormalorm - fan artist

liversnap - fan artist

wishingstarinajar - fan artist

ebonysable - fan artist

kuzann - fan artist

icpe - fan artist

robotrigger - fan artist

dogekind - fan artist

chillinoodles - fan artist

yonaorigins - fan artist

ask-wakfu - fan artist

next-lvl - fan artist

masssssan - fan artist

rocketwonderland - fan artist

animationtrick - fan artist

sukeeyh - fan artist

7ice - fan artist

neuroid - fan artist

nullofkanto - fan artist

pappcave - fan artist

catell-ruz - fan artist

aketan - fan artist

edwardsartstuff - fan artist

storm4rain - fan artist

miss-merchant - fan artist

suricatessen - fan writer

fallintosanity - fan writer

discopolice - fan writer

unknownshadowofatlantis - fan writer

lm-g1 - fan voice actor

wakfunewfan - meme and picture contributor

echodragon - meme and picture contributor

piotrmil - fan and gif maker

wakfulove - fan and gif maker

wakfuserbia - fan

rushurush - fan

greentaleteller - fan

han-the-angel - fan

satsukitomoe - fan

raikouski - fan

coqueluche49 - fan

wakfuwakfu - fan


- Dofus and Wakfu’s official Timeline

- The Krosmoz wikia

General Lore Thread on the Wakfu Forum

- Subbing, comics and general topics on 4chan here and here

- Episode and comic summaries at Otakia (French)

- 4chan’s Wakfu wiki entry

BIG Thank you to everyone who has contributed! 

If you know of anyone or anything else or would like to be added to the list, send me an Ask! I will continue to update this list.


There are no links and no rips/RAWs of the OVA out yet, sorry…

I think I am starting to really like Atcham O.o… I blame this drawing and the other drawing I did of him before. I haven’t even seen his OVA version yet other than his far away less than a second long shots in the trailers, so why do I like him? I don’t get it! Ush I get, but Atcham?…. I confuse myself.

I think I can post this now. Spoiler image under the ‘Read More’ line. Spoiler. Spoiler. But a nice spoiler. Click at your own risk and all that.

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Thank you kindly, strangers.

hey do you know where i could watch the mini wakfu episode with eng subs?

No idea… Most of the links I had which had English subs have all been taken down. I also don’t know of any torrent which has mini Wakfu.

Last WIP I will share with you adorable people of this monster which is claiming all of my attention. 
Twelve down, five to go and then it is color madness time.

WIP belongs to me
All characters shown belong to Ankama

flowerimh replied to your post:To draw Joris with lesser detail (OVA) or not to…

I wish you would be satisfied with whatever you are gonna draw in their details.. Cheer up :) You are awesome.

You’re right, I should draw what I am comfortable with. I always worry a little too much about what others may think and since this is such a large drawing in honor of the OVA episodes, I want it to be as perfect as possible so most people will enjoy it. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have given much thought to drawing Joris as I always drawn him; with all the detail.

Thank you 

To draw Joris with lesser detail (OVA) or not to draw Joris with lesser detail in this OVA poster… This is hard.

I like the detail he had in season 1 and 2 but it is so different from the OVA compared to everyone else’s outfits; him and Remington really got a change (Amalia too). I already decided to draw Remington in his OVA outfit but I am still not sure what to do with Joris in this drawing. All I would need to ‘remove’ is the detail of his sleeve and glove, but it just doesn’t feel right T^T 

I won’t be drawing him with a visible mouth though. I am not ready for that yet.